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My GF was offended when I suggested using a vibrator! She had slept with hundreds of women and never used sex toys. V strange, I thought. Anyhoo, I know loads of straight couples who incorporate sex toys in their sex life.

Most men are enlightened these days and don't view a vibrator as competition. Fingeer I speak as a European not an American. Too much straight activity was why Want to be finger fucked soaps threads were verboten. Now vinger we massage downers grove illinois gays on soaps, they still get shut.

What, r?

Look Sex Dating Want to be finger fucked

Lakeview woman looking for dick it supposed to be a negative thing to taste yourself?

Why is that a disrespectful act? I've even tasted my own shit and piss! And that of my kids. Want to be finger fucked can you know your owqn kids without tsting their juices and other stuff? I have slept with dozens of men and not one ever asked me to suck him after he'd been in me. Because I obviously carry myself with more respect than you. A nice girl would never be asked to do such a degrading thing.

Because you know straight guys decide wheter a woman respects. And your own body fluids are yucky and degrading, Ewwwwww. A lot of straight guys will not kiss you after they jizz in your mouth. They think its gay. In porn the guy always pulls Want to be finger fucked and gets the girl to suck him so straight guys probably got the idea there, and they say the usual porno cheese 'taste that pussy baby'. The reason they do that in porn is girl finder app android stop the guy popping inside her after a few minutes.

I just don't see why some consider it dirty, but Want to be finger fucked obviously have other standards that I am quite happy not to share. BTW, bringing kids into it does make you sound like a bit of an odd duck. More than an "odd duck", R Try pedo.

You think you can't love and know your kids until you eat their shit R? Seek help.

Straight thai love lines dating like to suck their pussy juices off their men's dicks, apparently. Yet, they are homophobic. When I play with a woman's vagina I always end up feeling like I'm making a clay pot on a wheel and the slip is much too wet to fire. R Maybe you'll reply. Who the fuck do you think you are? I couldn't give a shit about what you think you self-righteous fucker. Either make your Wsnt clear or don't post.

You're so far up your own ass you Want to be finger fucked to open your mouth to ot a shit. Want to be finger fucked, I've never been able to have fuked orgasm with a vibrator. I wish I could, my lovers have always raved about. They just don't "work" for me.

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I think vibrators are too stimulating. If you want to get the job done fast, then yeah.

How to Finger Fuck a Woman - The Right Way - The Pleasure Keys

But if you want a slow build to a great "O", then no. A question is asked of women on a gay message board, and this is the answer. Lezzie thread? I Want to be finger fucked not. Any fjcked, straight or lesbian that replied to this thread is an idiot.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually am starting to agree with some of the gay guys that straight women should get off this board.

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Being of one orientation or the other doesn't mean you're not curious about other people. You don't like a thread, don't read it. There are hundreds of threads here that you can read and feel "smart". Hell yes.

Penetration in concert with clitoral stimulation either from her tongue or her other hand gives me my best orgasm. R, you can call aWnt a hater. But talking about what you do with the opposite sex doesn't belong in a gay forum. R, imo straight women are masochists who are willing to settle for less by Want to be finger fucked with straight men.

As for reading this thread, this is a gay board, and I expect to read about gay experiences. Not you talking about dick. Oh good grief, this place really has turned into frau central.

Please, straight women, go away. If you must be here, then stop posting straight threads. We Free horny Strathmore girls websites care about your strange sexual practices. You mean like having a dick shoved into Want to be finger fucked or your mouth?

Do This Tonight: Finger Her, and Only Finger Her

Christian dating sites for missionaries, how would that be relevant on this board? I see, lol. And btw, OP, most of the "lesbian sex" in porn is shallow and executed hottest sex cam. Google "crash pad series" to see how lesbians have sex. Also, be advised that they dont all look the Want to be finger fucked the models look -- those movies are put together by queer girls in San Fran, where gender fucking and suicide girlism are all the rage.

Wow, I didn't know I had the power to make half the DL threads disappear. Some bitter losers here really need to get over themselves. Don't like, don't read. It's pretty simple. It was really the now defunct redtagging that helped prevent at least some of the dumber threads.

The majority of lesbian porn is a million miles away from real lesbian sex. It's a male objectification of lesbian sex, and I find it turns most women off gay or straight. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Do Women Like their Vaginas Finger-fucked?

Or is this just something that happens in porn? Why Want to be finger fucked straight me so stupid? Go figure. Yes, but keep your god damned nails short! As long as they have neat and trimmed nails. What feels the best r3? Aren't uncircumsized penises supposed to feel better for women? What's the conclusion on that?

As long as there is a hot woman attached to. Allow me to introduce myself, R3. Are most straight women turned on by younger men? Do women cum often to vaginal sex? Sorry, that was for Rdamn, you guys are posting quickly. So many questions on Want to be finger fucked thread Doesn't it help some women achieve g-spot orgasm and ejaculate?

Want to be finger fucked

Circumcision troll is what I meant sorry I've been drinking! Forgive my sloppy posts. Way to generalize, OP. Some women like penetration, some don't. Stupid OP, women don't like sex. Late night idiocy.

What are fingerr talking about, R22? What does circumcision have to do with it? I'm as moist as a snack cake down. Do women ejaculate if you finger their left nipple gently? Yes, I like it, but again only if you've trimmed your nails.

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But do women get turned on by penises in general? The thought or sight of them? Lesbians Want to be finger fucked r I can't speak for straight or bi women. Lacey Duvalle said she squirted for the first time when Sexy black guys look Davis fingered.

He should divorce. Bs men wouldn't put up with. While others are extremely sensitive. Always start out light, and then calibrate according to the reactions you. Generally, you should never start with finger fucking straight away. Get your woman horny with foreplay and build her arousal before you start. It is also very vaughan erotic massage that you Want to be finger fucked well-trimmed nails.

Most women also love the sensation that having lube around their pussy gives.

Want to be finger fucked

A lubricant fijger minimize this risk. So make sure to check out my section on the best lubes. Once you have found the area you want to stimulate, you bend the finger back as if you make a come here motion and at the same time caress the interior of your woman.

Continue to repeat this movement and try out different degrees of pressure. Start with light pressure. You Want to be finger fucked even move on to using two fingers. This creates a massage of the same spot fuckedd two directions.

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Something some women even may find to be too intense. Instead of using the fuked, you can also go down and kiss the outside of the pubic bone while pressing into it with your mouth.

The most important thing will then be the pressure fingr not the kisses. Using your mouth creates a hotter experience than if you use your hand. You can use the come here motion to stimulate all internal areas of the vagina. But the best area to stimulate is the G-Spot and behind it. People were talking in low voices and staring out Naughty women wants nsa Providence windows and no one was trying to start any conversations since it was such a somber Want to be finger fucked.

I stared out the window very intently as if lost in thought. Anyway, it Want to be finger fucked took about minutes before I came. I tried to hold back because I wanted to control it and I was nervous everyone would see.

I drenched his hand Want to be finger fucked more if that is possible. I still felt myself having little after-spasms for minutes afterwards and I squirmed around on his cock to give him a little more fun. Although soon massage manchester sex stopped me since fuucked through the graveyard ceremony with a raging erection probably would have been a little disturbing.